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V2X Industry in China

A focus track, embracing broader future


V2X: three-layer structure and various application

V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) is communication between a vehicle and any entity that may affect, or may be affected by, the vehicle. According to the agreed communication protocols and data interaction standards, the large system network that carries out wireless communication and information exchange between vehicles, roads, pedestrians and cloud platforms is an integrated network capable of realizing intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information service and intelligent vehicle control. V2X is a typical application of Internet of Things technology in the field of transportation system.





Top-down plannings, industrial standards implementation

Intelligent Networked Vehicles Road Test and Demonstration Application Management Standards (Trial)

Ministry of Transport Jul 2021

Highway road testing and demonstration applications are allowed, and the coverage of test vehicles will be further expanded to meet more scenarios.

Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Intelligent Networked Automobile Production Enterprises and Product s

Ministry of Industry and IT Jul 2021

Highway road testing and demonstration applications are allowed, and the coverage of test vehicles will be further expanded to meet more scenarios.

New Energy Vehicle Industrial Development Plan (2021-2035)

The State Council Nov 2020

With new energy vehicles as the carrier of intelligent connectivity technology application, to support key technologies such as intelligent connectivity decision-making and control, and to realize core technologies and products such as V2X.

Market Size

Continously growing market size with a rising penetration rate

V2X Market Size 2019-2025 (billion CNY)

V2X Market Users and Penetration Rate 2019-2025


Internet technology as the base, needs promote development


Intense competitions in IT and digital transportation corps

V2X Companies Patent Appliactions

2021 V2X Companies Market Share (%)


Overall V2X technology keeps improving, Huawei is leading


Huawei V2X Solution


Various opportunities in “terminal” and “tube”

Core Technology R&D

Chips, high-performance sensors, and on-board operating systems are still in the development stage and need to be accelerated to catch up. 

V2X security technology and products need to improve research and development capabilities.

Telematics Box

The embedded system installed on the car for controlling and tracking the car includes GPS system, mobile communication external interface electronic processing unit, microcontroller, mobile communication unit and memory. It is to collect signal and server communication, and to realize the interconnection between the car and TSP service provider and send control commands through the cellphone APP.

Telematics Service Provider

TSP is connected to automobile, vehicle equipment manufacturers, network operators, and content providers. Its business covers Telematics service platform, call center, content aggregation, cloud platform, data center, etc. In the architecture of the V2X, TSP acts as a communication springboard between automobiles and mobile phones, providing content and traffic forwarding services for automobiles and mobile phones.

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