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The night view of China's coastal city of Tianjin, the beauty of the eye of Tianjin.jpg
China(Tianjing) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Tianjin is a municipality and a coastal metropolis in Northern China on the shore of the Bohai Sea. It is one of the nine national central cities in Mainland China


Tianjin FTZ is the first approved free trade zone in North China. The continuous loading and unloading equipment of Tianjin Port is also the world's most advanced. At present, the port has been established as a maritime service center and an international trade electronic port, and its electronic and advanced level of goods trade ranks among the top ports in the country. Focus on the development of modern commerce, financial services, high-end commerce, and information technology. The Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone has registered a total of 45,000 market entities in the past three years, which is twice the number of market entities before the establishment of the Pilot Free Trade Zone. With 1% of the city’s area, it created about 12% of the city’s regional GDP, nearly 10% of the general budget revenue, a quarter of the actual use of foreign capital, and a third of the foreign trade import and export volume. 


There are 833 foreign-invested enterprises in Tianjin Free Trade Zone including Samsung, LG, Toyota Volkswagen and so on.The prefered industries are professional service, shipping service, electronic, etc.

Free Rent Used


For office, lab, manufactoring use

Tech Funds Support


From City Fiscal Revenue

Prefer Industry

Professional Service

Prefer Industry

Shipping Service Industry

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